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Anne Can't Take The "Hatha-Haters"


It’s not every celebrity that can say they’re more despised than Osama Bin Laden. Yet a Google search for “Anne Hathaway” and “hate” yields a staggering 31 million hits – while a similar search about the terrorist mastermind results in only 21 million. Such is the state of Anne’s crumbling reputation among audiences. The Les Misérables star may have nabbed the best supporting actress Oscar on Feb. 24th, but she’s losing the Hollywood popularity contest in a major way and is desperate to repair her image.

“Anne’s in shock and has been in tears over it nonstop,” a source discloses. “She’s even sobbed to one friend that she feels like leaving the business for good and vanishing like Brigette Bardot. All very melodramatic, of course, but she’s really worked herself up.”

Ironically, those irksome theatrics are to blame for her bad rap. Prior to her Les Miz role, the public had embraced Anne as the goofy-but-lovable star of The Princess Galleries and Bride Wars. But as her star began to rise, so did her air of saccharine smugness and transparent self-congratulation.

But Anne is baffled. “She’s in a real mess over it and keeps asking her husband Adam, “Why?” continues the informant. “She keeps trawling the internet looking for answers, but it only makes her feel worse. It’s put her in a really dark place.”

While Anne can’t fathom the reason for the snark, she’s determined to turn the tide of public opinion. “She’s starting to realize that she needs to relax and stop that irritating ‘fawning and gushing’ thing.” the source explains. “She wants to be taken seriously, but instead she’s just coming off as manufactured and desperate.” Where’s her infamous “weapon against self-doubt” when she needs it?