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Bossy Jennifer Demands More 'X-Men' Screen Time!


Credit: Getty Images

The stars of the new X-Men sequel to First Class, Days of Future Past, may be ready to suit up for filming, but Star has learned that the A-list cast is anything but united. Jennifer Lawrence is furious with director Bryan Singer for slashing her screen time in favor of Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin — and she’s not alone in her ire.

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are also victims of Bryan’s editing pen, and they’re just as annoyed as Jen is,” tattles the on-set source.

“All three stars are earning $3 million for their roles. So they’ve decided to team up and make a plea to Bryan.”

But Jen’s managers are worried about her breaking rank this early in her career. “Bryan Singer is not the sort of person you want to p-ss off,” warns the insider. “She should just shut up and get on with things.”

Even celebrities hate their bosses — but at least Jennifer has 3 million reasons to stick it out!

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