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Shayne Lamas Gives Statement After Hospital ICU Release

Photo by: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Slowly but surely, Shayne Lamas is making strides toward recovery. The Bachelor alum was released from the hospital’s intensive care unit on Thursday, a week and a half…

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Shayne Lamas Breathing on Her Own After Surgery & Miscarriage

Shayne Lamas, Press Richie & Nik Richie

Shayne Lamas is on the road to recovery after a scary two nights in the hospital. According to her husband, Nik Richie, the Bachelor winner is breathing on…

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UPDATE: Shayne Lamas Hospitalized After Miscarriage

Photo by: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas is currently recovering in the hospital after pregnancy complications caused her to miscarriage on Sunday. She was 16 weeks pregnant when she collapsed at…

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