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Kylie Jenner Pierced Something…Unusual


Kylie Jenner has recently pierced something we’ve never seen pierced on a celebrity before… HER NAIL! Although the piercing is completely painless, it just LOOKS, well…uncomfortable.…

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Taylor Swift’s Fans Battle Abercrombie and Fitch

taylor swift

You do NOT mess with Taylor Swift! Or her fans, for that matter. Abercrombie and Fitch is under fire with Taylor fans after trying to sell…

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Is Henry Cavill Going to be Christian Grey?!

henry cavill

Rumor has it that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill will be portraying Christian Grey in the book-turned-movie 50 Shades of Grey! Henry’s reps are currently…

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Is Lindsay Lohan Changing Rehabs AGAIN?!

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan apparently wants to change rehabs for the second time. She recently moved from Betty Ford to another facility in Malibu, and now she reportedly…

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Justin Bieber is Releasing Another Movie!

justin bieber

You heard it here, Beliebers — Justin Bieber is going to be a busy kid this year! The pop star recently tweeted, “rest of the world…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Already Announces Baby’s Name

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Although Jennifer Love Hewitt has not had her baby yet, she has already released what she will name her first child. The baby will be named…

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Chris Brown Claims his Graffiti is Art

chris brown

Many of Chris Brown’s neighbors have been complaining about the graffiti outside his Los Angeles home, and he has had enough of it! The singer defends…

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Lil’ Wayne Cuts Flag Stomping from Music Video


Lil’ Wayne has been in some hot water recently for trampling an American flag while shooting his new music video. After the rapper started to receive…

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Katie Holmes is NOT Looking for a Man

Katie Holmes&Suri

Katie Holmes is taking some time off from the dating world. Rumors have been going around that the actress is dating her co-star Luke Kirby, but he’s…

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Are Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean Making Music Together?


The reports that Amanda Bynes is going to put out an album might not be just something for her to tweet about!  Wyclef Jean reportedly wants…

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Brad Pitt Dishes on Melissa Etheridge’s Angelina Insult

melissa etheridge brad and angie

Singer, and close friend of Brad Pitt, Melissa Etheridge, doesn’t seem to be in support of Angelina Jolie’s decision to get a double mastectomy. Melissa, who…

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Rihanna Planing to go to “Love Rehab”?!


Rihanna is heading to rehab! No, she’s not joining the likes of Lindsay Lohan, but she reportedly does feel the need to go the Ranch Clinic…

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Britney Spears’ Sons Will Appear in her New Music Video

Britney and sons

Britney Spears’ two sons, Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James Federline, 6, are going to be appearing in her new music video for the song “Ooh…

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Is John Mayer's New Song About Taylor Swift?

John Mayer and Taylor swift Z-100 Jingle Ball

John Mayer released his new song “Paper Doll” on YouTube last night, and it’s… interesting. The video shares the words to the tune, with viral YouTube…

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Girl Meets World is Coming to Disney Channel!

Girl Meets World

The spinoff of Boy Meets World is finally happening! Starting next year Disney will air the continuation of the lives of Corey and Topanga (Ben Savage…

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Jay-Z to Drop New Album on Independence Day


Jay-Z cleverly announced his new album on Sunday during the NBA Finals game. The rapper unexpectedly dropped the release date, July 4, of his upcoming solo…

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Why Did Lindsay Lohan Really Leave Betty Ford?

Lindsay Lohan blonde

Lindsay Lohan has recently made the switch in rehab clinics from The Betty Ford Clinic to Cliffside Malibu, and rumors are flying about why she left.…

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Charlie Sheen is Totally NOT Interested in Farrah Abraham

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen isn’t too happy about Farrah Abraham leaking their text conversations!  Sheen, who once seemed very intrigued by the former Teen Mom’s invites, now has…

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Did Farrah Abraham Get Breast Implants…AGAIN?


Well this isn’t exactly shocking news, but Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham has gotten her second breast augmentation. She said she wanted her breasts to look “more…

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Why Does Kanye Always Look So Angry?

kanye& kim

Rapper Kanye West sure does a lot mean mugging lately. If you’ve been wondering why he looks so unhappy in all of his pictures, he has…

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