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How To Create Your Dream Kitchen At Half The Price

Turn your fantasy into reality with Brigade!

Brigade Kitchen– a direct to consumer cookware company offering the kitchen you want at a fraction of the cost. How is it done? By cutting out the middleman and working directly with experienced manufacturers, we’re able to offer premium cookware at a fraction of the price. The essentials for a well-equipped kitchen— our durable stainless steel pans are made with 5-ply construction and our Santoku knife, forged from pure Damascus Steel. Buy separately of bundle together any three pieces for a build your own set, at a 10% discount.


Currently our target demographic is faced with two options, cheap low quality non-durable products, or high quality and financially irresponsible products. We thought,- there has to be a better option that will allow home cooks to purchase the quality they want at a price they can afford. Enter Brigade. For seasoned home cooks or beginners, Brigade cookware has formed a community around outfitting an affordable high quality home kitchen.


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